Polish Poetry in Yerevan Metro

Piotr Jankiewicz presents a poem by Julian Tuwim called “W Barwistanie”

English translation
Crystal flacons
Frosted and fierce glass
And in the glass, the colors engraved
Extracts of limp herbs
Seraph balms
Witchcraft tinctures
Alchemical essences
Faintly foggy pre-colours
Venomously coloured
Dotted with veins
In the darkness they sparkle
Flashes shine in them
And in the sun they crack the glass
And with a crazed viper
They wriggle in the bellies of the glass
And they’re spewing evil poison
Blue glistening solutions
Amber and phosphors
Warm under-phyllites
In the limpid glazing of the glaze
And blue spirits
Through which death is seen
And flame in the dark liquid
And flame in the black wine
And the heavy glow of mercury

Gazing into the flacons
I sleep soundly colored
Foreboding sweet hums
Have wrapped my pride
And I slumber smiling
On the murmur of faulty harps
And I wander enchanted
On the ice with a sight of color
And in the brain in the center of my head
I have a diamond point
And the rainbow rain is ringing
Rain on the branches of harps
O luminous blissful mirth
Tune into the glowing wine
And I’ll get you drunk
And an eternal elixir
I’ll flow into the dyistane.

The video is made during the “ARTinclusive” project organized by the Amities Luxembourg – Armenie a.s.b.l. and Doctor Cinema NGO, financed by the Erasmus+ Programme – Luxembourgish National Agency – Anefore.